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Bookshelf created from the repetition of adaptable pieces in matter of size and shape of the objects on it. Its autonomous structure allows an independent working of each of the strips, so that they can be placed in different positions according to the user’s need. Intended also as a decorative element, it follows a clean structure broken by a curved edge.


The piece features the typical traits of the Nordic style, either in matter of material or the shapes used. The former is essentially natural and uses light tones with shades of white. Concerning the shapes, the order dominates with the regularity of strips, partly broken by the sinuous border. This latter shape represents the mountains, in a nod to the piece's originary region, which is repeated in its very name, Köllen, which is Swede for Alps.

The two possible positioning of the strips give the bookshelf a sensation of dynamism. First of all, the vertical positioning allows for the rest of relatively high objects, for the space occupied by the strips is drastically reduced. Furthermore, the strips can be used as hangers while in this positioning. On the other hand, the horizontal disposition is meant for the traditional usage of a bookshelf. The independent working of the strips makes any combination of positioning possible at any moment.

The main material used in this project is natural birch plywood originating from Finland of 20 mm in thickness, lacquer in white in its main side and a finishing touch of varnish paint. The subjection of the various elements between them is accomplished by using ironwork of stainless steel.

Via http://kollenbookshelf.wix.com/kollen

Photos: Köllen Bookshelf